If you can’t trust the result of an experiment, you can’t trust the decisions you make based on it; and you’d be surprised how often you can’t trust the result of an experiment

Lack of data integrity is a common issue for experiments. They’re especially common when dealing with redirect tests, single-page applications, or other complex setups. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been building tests; these problems just happen.

So, given this fact, what can we do about it? First (and most…

Telling the story of risk, reward and certainty using the principles of comic panel transitions

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When I first started running web experiments, I was mainly designing and developing them. Once these experiments had run their course, they would go to an analyst and I would be notified of a decision of whether the test was “statistically significant”.

CRO consultants and analysts are always asked what…

I was recently approached by a client who needed to explain the benefits of experimentation to his company. My first thought was an infographic. But that just scratches the surface.

Benefits of an experimentation process: De-risk, Convert, Learn, ROI efficiency, Consistency, Data-driven
The benefits of testing

A simple sharing of experimentation benefits didn’t seem right, however, as the main problem facing “testing muggles” is that they’re often unaware of the issues with their current approaches they’re using.

We first need to show the shortcomings of their current approach.

Some companies will do user research, perhaps even…

Iqbal Ali

Experimentation consultant and trainer. Writer and comics creator.

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